Hollywood Jesus

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I have never seen Jesus or Noah look more glamorous. Both were depicted larger than life on the silver screen in movie theaters across the nation this weekend. (Noah in Noah and Jesus in Son of God) Noah would be proud. He took in $44 million in sales the first weekend alone. If there was

Class Slides on Covenants

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As promised, I have uploaded the slides from yesterday’s class.  You can download them by clicking the picture to the left.  I look forward to going through the New Covenant next week!   P.S.  If you have any follow up questions from the class, please ask below.

Story of The Kingdom

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In this recent class, we discussed how the Bible has a major story line, namely the Kingdom of God.  From beginning to end it is about God’s reign which brings blessings to God’s people in God’s place.   We used the chart below as well as a story line summary based on Vaughn Robert’s God’s

Covenants: A Reading List

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In the last  class of “the Book”, we discuss the Biblical reality of covenants.  A covenant in the Ancient Near East (I.e. Biblical Culture) was a bond between two parties often marked by a sacrifice, sign or a sacred meal.   I shared how a common covenant during Biblical times is called the Suzerain-Vassal Treaty.

China Town Presbytery

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  Our church belongs to the Cumberland Presbyterian community, which means we value being connected to a larger family then just our local congregation. Twice a year our pastors and selected Elders travel to meet with other pastors and elders within our region (which stretches from West Texas to Northern California).  We call this meeting

Take Up Your Cross

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This week in worship we’re going to tackle one of Jesus’ least understood teachings. In Matthew 10:34 He says: Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the Earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. What do you think Jesus means by this? How does it apply to

Prayer Connection

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At HCPC we value prayer, because God values people. We take it seriously, so if you have a need please submit it below. When God answers your prayer please come back to this page and let us know. Don’t be weary in prayer; keep at it; watch for God’s answers, and remember to be thankful

Worship: Idols or Elevators?

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A long-time member of our church sent me an article that she had read concerning worship services and idolatry. She was appropriately moved as it challenged the workings of her heart with the Gospel. Here is an excerpt from it: Idolatry can be active in my heart even when I’m gathered with the church. Whenever

How valuable is the Bible?

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Ask these Chinese Christians who just received it for the first time.  

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Text Criticism sounds a little intimidating.  What is it?  It’s what we talked about this last Sunday in “the Book” class.   Its the science of determining what the original texts of the Bible were through comparing the different transcribed copies we have  today, whether they are fragments, manuscripts or quotes from Church Authors.  

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