God travels wonderful ways with human beings, but he does not comply with the views and opinions of people. God does not go the way that people want to prescribe for him; rather, his way is beyond all comprehension, free and self-determined beyond all proof. Where reason is indignant, where our nature rebels, where our

“The ultimate suffering and punishment is separation from the presence of God.” — Dallas Willard, Hearing God  “Prayer invites God into my world and ushers me into God’s.” — Philip Yancey, Prayer:  Does It Make Any Difference? “Prayer invites God into our world and ushers us into God’s world.  When we make a prayer request of God,

Charles Spurgeon said, “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.”  Everywhere you go, whatever you do, you are a missionary sent by Jesus to love like Jesus, overcome sin like Jesus, proclaim the gospel like Jesus, and see people’s lives changed by the power of the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.   ― Jeff

“‘Be Holy because the God who created you is holy.’  Mother Teresa didn’t just believe those words, she incarnated them.  For over 50 years this tiny woman made an enormous impact by taking Jesus’ commandment literally.  She sacrificially gave her life to serve those in the streets of Calcutta whom everyone else pretended not to

This past Sunday I spoke on the importance to ABIDE.  If you’re familiar with the phrase “Welcome to my humble abode”, than you can see that to “Abide in Christ” is not simply to remain, but to make a home in Him.  He desires to be your source of safety and your place of retreat.