“For the work of creating is an act of love.”  —Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel.  “Christ looked at everyone he met, at the prostitute, at the thief, and saw the beauty hidden there.  Perhaps it was distorted, perhaps damaged, but it was beauty none the less, and what he did was to call out this beauty.”

What are Christians known for?  Outsiders think our moralizing, our condemnations, and our attempts to draw boundaries around everything.  Even if these standards are accurate and biblical, they seem to be all we have to offer.  And our lives are a poor advertisement for the standards.  We have set the gameboard to register lifestyle points; then we are

Outlive your life.— Max Lucado While it is well enough to leave footprints on the sands of time, it is even more important to make sure they point in a commendable direction.—James Cabell Live in such a way that when you die you leave God in your will for your children.—Shannon Alder A true legacy

 “In the 1950s kids lost their innocence. They were liberated from their parents by well-paying jobs, cars, and lyrics in music that gave rise to a new term — the generation gap.   In the 1960s, kids lost their authority. It was a decade of protest—church, state, and parents were all called into question and found wanting.