The First Prayer in Congress Reverend  Jacob Duché, an Episcopal clergyman, officiated, becoming the first of an unbroken chain of Christian chaplains to open each session of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate in prayer, to this day.   Following is the text of the First Prayer in Congress:  O Lord, our Heavenly

Reflections — Tidbits for Thought Temptation must come, and we do not know what it is until we meet it.  When we do meet it, we must not debate with God, but stand absolutely true to Him no matter what it costs us personally, and we will find that the onslaught will leave us with

Reflections “The great church father Augustine taught that true freedom is not choice or lack of constraint, but being what you are meant to be.  Humans were created in the image of God.  True freedom, then, is not found in moving away from that image but only in living it out.  The closer we conform