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Our trip to Southern California came together amazingly.  My hope was to focus on the Great Command, the Great Commission, and “serving the least of these” (Matt.25:35-40). Our trip covered countless visits; some planned, others God planned.  Students served children in a low income, gang populated neighborhood, and also at a VBS with nearly 600

In 2012 during our women’s summer bible study Beth Moore challenged the women in her workbook to look outside of ourselves. Deb Drypolcher was in one of the groups and said the women of Zambia (where she had served for 15 years) would love to have a series like this but of course they could

I have to confess, I never thought I would stand in front of an abortion clinic for the sake of Christ.  I was never against, in fact I am for it, but it just was not me.  It was somebody else’s calling. During March,  HCPC engaged in a yearly ministry called 40 days of life,

Update from the Windy City

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In the next few weeks, we will be posting some updates from our friends the Drypolchers. They are currently serving Jesus in the great city of Chicago. Here is the first update from Peter  Drypolcher: We live in the midst of people speaking dozens of languages. So to relate to people in their mother tongue,

For the Lenten season we went through the devotional Lent for Everyone by N.T. Wright.   It was great time for self-examination and spiritual growth.  If you found his Lenten reflections to be meaningful, then this quote about Easter will knock you over.  It’s our joy and mission to out-celebrate the rest of the world

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The ravages of poverty created by HIV in Africa have left millions of orphans behind and challenges the Local Church in many areas to care and feed these children as they bring them into their own community. Heights Cumberland is supporting several strategies hand in hand with local Church Leaders, schools and Grandmother programs to