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There is so much to cover when I talk about “marriage”.  Being in Genesis for this series, THE START, I wanted to use the analogy of a garden to the marriage relationship.  In very similar ways to a garden, our marrriages require good soil, constant nutrients, and much light.  Even with all that, patience is

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Students Who Pray

Thursday, 03 September 2015 by

One of the hardest things for any youth who spends a life-changing week at a church camp or conference is returning back to the unchanged routine of life.  To help our students through the highs and lows of this summer, we walked them through an understanding of their experience and identified it to be rooted

KidMin Cares

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Recently, our very own Gene & Tisha DeKeno were published in Children’s Ministry Magazine.  They are not only leaders of our Children & Youth Ministries here at Heights, but also recognized leaders within their fields of ministry. Their article can be read at ChildrensMinistry.com and is provided below. Ever wonder what it’s like to attend

E   For years, church leaders have heard the claim that nearly nine out of ten Christians accept Jesus as their savior before the age of 18. If that statistic was accurate in the past, it no longer depicts U.S. society. The current Barna Group study indicates that nearly half of all Americans who accept

Making Family Life a Priority

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 by

In this day and age, it’s not far from reality that in the same home a parent can be on the computer, the other parent watching TV, one child playing video games, and another texting on their cell phone.  We live in an era where technology is all around us and the methods for communicating


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This year’s KidMin Conference theme was SURGE.  It is a military term used when reinforcing troops.  The hope for the weekend was that we Children’s Ministry leaders would be the troops and that the workshops and speakers would offer reinforcement. Friday night opened with the enjoyment of worship led by Christy Nockel and a musical