Heights Insights — January 4, 2018 — Family Matters

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Resolutions for Your Home

As parents, I know we all love our kids and want the best for them.  However, at this time of year, most resolutions are often made to “better ourselves”- but as parents, what are ways you are choosing to better your children?  Here are 4 ideas to implement in your home if you are not already doing so.

  1. READ THE BIBLE AS A FAMILY   When you are intentional to take time each week or even each day to read the Bible with your kids, they will see that God is important to you and His Word should be important to them.  It’s amazing how we can impact their attitudes about God, simply by reading the Bible with them.
  2. PRAY AS A FAMILY I regularly pray for my family when I wake and with my children before they go to bed.  But there’s nothing more precious to me than to hear children pray.  My wife, Tish, taught preteens the importance of prayer this past December and it has moved my son to spend more time praying.  This commitment to pray has led him to pray for others in need.  God has moved in his prayer life and is tugging at his heart to live out an active faith.  Most kids say they don’t know how to pray, or they’re not sure what to pray about; this is where we as parents we have the important role to show that God is a Father, and Jesus is a Friend.  Let their prayers be conversations to a Father and a Friend.
  3. SERVE AS A FAMILY   The prayers of my son in this past month has prompted his heart to want to help others.  So we are in dialogue about how he can serve others in need.  Ask your children if they could serrve others, who would they want to help?  You’ll be surprised at their willingness to want to help, and when you choose to do this as a family, it will most certainly be a highlight for your kids to know they had a hand in helping serve others.
  4. DO FAMILY DEVOTIONS Family devotions are interactive.  It’s a chance to look at a Bible passage or topic and engage with your kids.  Let your kids share and tell you about their encounters with these topics. Also, make sure to take the opportunity to share how that Bible topic is relevant in your own life.  You get a chance to give testimony to your children how God’s love and His Word impacts who you are, what you think, and how you live.  The questions you ask of them help make the Bible more applicable in their daily routines instead of just another book to read.