Kid Matters: Why Your Church needs a Pre-Teen Ministry

by / Thursday, 14 September 2017 / Published in Church Life

And more than anything else, a preteen ministry invites these fourth, fifth, or sixth grade students to begin connecting the diverse and potentially disparate stories from the Bible that they have heard all through Sunday School. As they begin to cross a threshold into a world of abstract thought, they are able, potentially for the first time, to see individual Bible stories as an ongoing narrative. They can connect Abraham who was blessed to be a blessing, to the followers of Jesus who are blessed to be a blessing to the world around them. They can see God calling a leader like Deborah, and Jesus sending Mary Magdalene to be the first messenger of the good news of the resurrection. They can connect a story that spans from creation to new creation, discovering that they are actors in this story as it continues to come to life in our world today. And they can explore and experience this in the safety and security of a preteen ministry, a room, a class, a group, a lesson designed just for them and their quirky personalities.
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