Reflections for Sunday, January 15, 2017: “The Love Broker”

by / Friday, 13 January 2017 / Published in Worship

Forgiveness is a process – a journey.  As much as we might like forgiveness to be a “forgive and forget” moment, lives do not work that way.  Old hurts have a way of resurfacing as we are led to examine a new facet of a wound we hoped had healed.  Forgiveness is a commitment to face life with a posture that risks rather than protects, while also struggling with the fact that there are times when protection is the wise choice.      —Susan L. Nelson, “The Freeing Grace of Forgiveness,” Presbyterians Today, March 1998, 16


It only takes one quick, private, inward glance to make us painfully aware of the need all of us share for the gift of God’s grace and forgiveness.  When we recollect those times we needed the forgiving and healing grace of God, we undergo the great “equalizer,” removing from our spirit any sense of “superiority over the sinner, to whom you are more similar than to the righteous God.”                 —Walter Wangerin, Jr., As for Me And My House:  Crafting Your Marriage to Last,Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 1987