Reflections for Sunday, June 11, 2017: Temptation 1

by / Friday, 09 June 2017 / Published in Worship

Reflections — Tidbits for Thought

Temptation must come, and we do not know what it is until we meet it.  When we do meet it, we must not debate with God, but stand absolutely true to Him no matter what it costs us personally, and we will find that the onslaught will leave us with higher and purer affinities than before.  –Oswald Chambers, “The Psychology of Redemption”

If we want to be delivered from the evil one, we have to trust God, we have to let Jesus take the test for us.  It is like having a lightning rod to protect you.  Not only does a lightning rod not prevent lightning, it attracts it!  But, the lightning rod is grounded, so the powerful and dangerous electricity passes right through from the air to the ground without doing damage.  Since we are pretty sure that we can’t pass the temptation tests on our own, we have to trust the one who always passes to keep us safe.  –Ian Lynch, “Grounded,”, July 11, 2011