Reflections for Sunday, September 3, 2017: Prayer Is … Listening

by / Friday, 01 September 2017 / Published in Worship

“It is intense and profound business which deals with God and His plans and purposes, and it takes whole-hearted men to do it.  No half-hearted, half-brained, half-spirited effort will do for this serious, all important, heavenly business.  The whole heart, the whole brain, the whole spirit, must be in the matter of praying, which is so mightily to affect the characters and destinies of men.”  —E.M. Bounds, The Essentials of Prayer, Pg. 13


“Prayer and thanksgiving is the vital breath

That keeps the spirit of man from death:

For prayer attracts into the living soul

The life that fills the universal whole;

And giving thanks is breathing forth again

The Praise of Him who is the life of men.”

—John Wesley, Letter to Miss Bolton, 1773