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Covenant Groups are a vital part of our life and mission at Heights. By becoming involved in a covenant group you will discover genuine community where you can grow closer to God and make a difference in our city.


Enjoy Community

Covenant groups meet weekly to eat, share stories, and to encourage one another. This is definitely a place to build new friendships.

Serve Your City

God’s community is never an end in itself, but it is supposed be a blessing to the world. Every group seeks to love people through service such as repairing someone’s house, hosting a neighborhood block party or helping a new family move into their house.

Know God

Our groups seek to deepen their relationship with God through prayer and Bible study applicable to everyday life.

Live Well through Covenant Groups!

Connect with a Covenant Group today. Stop by the Connect Center in the foyer to get more information, or click the "more info" button below.

Men's Brotherhood

Leader Names: Gary Hoe, Dave Abrams
Meets: Third Saturdays for breakfast at 8:00am, at the church's kitchen
Description: Men who gather for food, fellowship, intercessory prayer, and devotional study

 Garcia's Covenant Group

Leader Names:Victor & Rita Garcia
Meets: Every other Tuesday at 7pm in the NE Heights.
Description: Our group focuses on bible study, fellowship and prayer

 Madrid Covenant Group

Leader Names:Richard & Mary Madrid
Meets: Every other Wednesday at 6:30pm in the NE Heights.
Description: Likes to have fun, plays games like cards and dominoes, and gets into some great Bible study!

 McDowell-Hill Group

Leader Names:Richard McDowell& Daton Hill
Meets: Every Tuesday at 7PM in the NE Heights.
Description:We are all seniors and we are a bible study group.

 Heaven Bound

Leader Names:Phil & Sharon Lloyd
Meets: Every Other Wednesday
Description:We do book studies such as "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn.

 Marriage Works

Leader Names:Steve & Rhonda Herman
Meets: Monthly in the NE Heights.
Description:A group focused on helping develop strong marriages within the church.

 The Hicks Group

Leader Names:Ralph & Carol Hicksl
Meets: Every other Sunday in the NE Heights.
Description:We meet to study, fellowship and support one another.

Prayer Room Covenant Group

Leader Names:John Ashworth and Linda Reetz
Meets: Every Tuesday at 630PM at HCPC.
Description:We support eachother with prayer, Bible study and fellowship.

Water and the Word

Leader Names: Bill and Nancy Kesatie
Meets: every other Friday at 7:00 PM in NE Heights
Description: Bible based themes with encouragement to explore, ask, and answer questions.


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