Do you want to understand more about Jesus, the Bible, and faith?

Our church has many members with abilities to teach others and lead discussions on the Bible, Christian living, and finding our place in God's world.

Our faith is not blind faith. We are confident knowing God in our own lives, and how to share that knowledge in our modern world. And the goal of all of our classes is not simply the accumulation of knowledge, but rather the formation of our hearts and minds so we can be more fully equipped witnesses and followers of Jesus.

Adult Ed classes are enjoyable, enlightening, and engaging. These classes are offered throughout the year on Sundays at 9:00. You don’t need to sign up and can start coming at any time. Some people participate in the discussion and some just sit in and observe. Classes are in the ADULT ED wing on the south side of the building. And the coffee is good. Also, there are exciting classes for children, middle school, and high school students at this time as well.

What I like about class...

  • ...learning something new

  • ...togetherness with Christians in one place, learning from good teachers and each other

  • ...strengthening one's walk, opportunity to voice one's understanding of scripture

  • Classes are interactive. Lots of coffee. Hearing about shared walks with Christ; others' views.

  • ...feed my walk...overall fellowship of the body of new people

  • HCPC has many good teachers who prepare well and make the subject come alive.

  • ...strengthens my faith, giving me courage to speak out about my love for Christ

    Current Classes

    The Gospel of John - Led by Joe Kotulski - Room 407
    The gospel of John opens with the most profound description of Jesus. John’s aim (clearly stated within the book) is to cause the reader to believe Jesus is the Son of God. Through the study of John’s gospel, we will 1) Examine Jesus’ miracles, death and bodily resurrection as proof of His glorious deity. 2) Draw near to our Lord Jesus as we see him through the divine inspiration and eye witness accounting of the “disciple Jesus loved.”

    Parenting Class - Led by Marriage Works Team - Room 403
    The biblical purpose of parenting and grandparenting is to do all in our power to impress the hearts of our children and grandchildren with a love for God. Visionary Parenting DVD series was created to encourage and equip you for this mission. The Marriage Works team will facilitate this class for 8 weeks (with a break for Christmas). The listing of the content for each week is provided in the newsletter. .

    The three ongoing themes in our Discovery series are:

    The Book

    The Bible is a big book that can appear overwhelming and worse, irrelevant. This is definitely not the case. You will learn about how the Bible is the reliable and readable story of a loving God who saves the world from itself.

    The Reason

    In the age of the internet, we are becoming more aware of how many different ideas, religions and philosophies are out there.  We will ask hard questions in order to discover liberating truth in a pluralistic world.

    The Belief

    Our lives find fulfillment when we love God, but to do that, we need to know who He is.  We will engage with the Biblical truths of who God is, what He has done for us, and what he desires for our lives.

    First Time

    Whether you have walked with God all of your life or are just now exploring faith, there’s a place for you here!
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